Monday, 25 May 2015

Fiddling with Deadzone scenery

Just a quick post as I have been putting together a few bits of Deadzone terrain (and probably will do a lot more tomorrow as Will and I take on another modelling day challenge) and thought I comment on how I have found the process so far.
My current collection of box terrain!

Things I liked:
- The first thing I noticed was that the plastic is very solid, it has a good snap to it when cut but is not brittle allowing you some wiggle room when trying to connect the parts.
- The connector system (once cleaned, more on this later) works very well to hold the parts in place whilst the glue does it's business giving you a solid piece of terrain. Despite there being upper and lower positions for the connectors you don't need to use both meaning you can spread yoour connectors over quite a lot of terrain, which is good because the one frame you get in the main box looks awfully mean at first.
- Once you have a few different themed sprue (thanks Will!) you can really mix and match to create some interesting aesthetics, which I first thought would be very difficult as there are only so many ways you can combine industrial looking sure sections! I would like to throw in some of the ruined parts to really break it up in future terrain.
- The walkway system is really easy to put together and has the potential to make some stunning pieces of terrain.
With just a simple triangular support what was one a panel becomes a walkway!
Things that made me go hmm:
- The connector system is quite fiddly to get to grips with as I found the parts needed quite a bit of trimming/scrapping to ensure that they slotted in to the housing far enough to allow the sides of the panels to touch and therefore glue together. I only took me a couple of botched attempts to work it out but given the small number of connector pieces you may have it caused a couple of frustrating moments.
- I would really like to be able to keep the walkways separate but I can't see it happening as the single pin connection just feels as though it will come out once you get playing with it for a while. A shame but I guess it just means I'll have to get more terrain.
- You really need to pay attention to which parts are designed to act a floor panels as it looks really weird if you try to use the side sections as floors. I feel these kits really benefit from being purchased as large as you can afford to allow for the maximum creativity.
Not sure how well this would work once painted.
Over all I would give this terrain 4/5 Daves as I feel it has great potential to be whatever you want it to be just so long as you get enough of it!

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