Monday, 18 May 2015

Playing more 40k!

So another day and other game of 40k! It was revenge time for Alan's Deathwing. So this time I thought I would show him how Tactical Objectives work. Here's how it went.
Here is how we lined up
Having suffered from a distinct lack of shooting yesterday Alan re jigged his list to include a Command Squad, swap in a load of stormbolters and assault cannons and drop the Chaplain.
It's hard to know where to deploy when you don't have a direct mission or an army to line up against because it all pretty much deep strikes!

Belial and his buddies decided to hit my right flank and work their way through
 Sadly for me Alan maintained his truly outrageous saving throws and I just couldn't put a dent in his units. You know it's bad when some is saving 5/4 Feel No Pain rolls!

That's right the Wyvern slammed Belial's unit for 13 wounds and Alan saved them all!
Turn three and the Tactical objectives begin to sting as I draw a set of Objective 1 cards,. Objective 1 is on top of the chaos shrine...

Alan's command squad has worked it's way to the artillery units

I finally claim my two Objective 1 cards by risking my Vendetta

Sadlybit also required me to dump out my Melta vets instead of using them to wreck the Landraider but it wa the only way to score points.

Sadly the end is nigh for my Warlord as he has no where to run from the Landing pad.

And here is how it ended up. I have two Ratlings who had passed three morale tests (I did have some luck), a Russ and three Vets left and had only killed 9 Terminators and put two wounds on Belial. 
So the finally tally was 9-8 to Alan (6-7 to me on Tactical objectives) as he got all three Secondary Objectives but he also a 1 on a D3 tactical objective so wasn't that close. I still don't like the random objectives and can't see me using them again behind this sort of teaching game. Still was fun to try have the challenge of taking on so many Terminators.


  1. the big question though, did he enjoy the game?

  2. Yes but mainly due to the company rather than the rules, just as we feel about40k in general. He was not a fan of the TO cards though, which eas one of the thinks that prompted me to think about creating my own deck.