Saturday, 2 May 2015

Looking at Kings of War 2.0

With Will having backed the Mantic Kings of War Kickstarter and getting a beta copy of the rules it has allowed me to mock up a 2,000 point Ogre force. Has it changed much from the GW one?
Thanks to Mantic's willingness to embrace the use of models from other companies they have added in options for units that they do not make so my Thundertusk is now a Muumooth (no I don't get the name either) and my Iron Blaster is now a Warlord on a chariot, other wise all I had to do was to put together some spare ogre models I had left over and add in two magic items to get exactly 2,000 points, have a look:

I put together the Crossbow Ogres which I couldn't really use in the GW army but now gives a few more options
Warlord with two-handed weapon
Warlord on chariot
Army Standard bearer
Warlock with Fireball
Horde of Warriors, hand weapons and shields
Horde of Warriors, hand weapons and shields with Blessing of the Gods (re-roll unmodified 1's to hit)
Horde of Warriors, two-handed weapons with Ensorcelled Armour (increases defence to 5+)
Horde of Boomers (Blunderbusses) 
Regiment of Shooters (Crossbows)
Regiment of Shooters (Crossbows)

According to Mantic 2,000 points should only take about an hour which seems amazing for the amount of models on the table but having played a demo at Salute I can see how quick the turns will be. I'm looking forward getting these painted so that I can get some games in as soon as Will gets his copy of the final rules for second edition.

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