Monday, 4 May 2015

Putting my missions where my mouth is

So I figured it could be fun to use my idea for White Dwarf to do a mission a week but rather than just limit myself to one companies system I'm hoping to create missions for board games too (but more of that in future posts). For this week I had an idea for 40k that I thought I'd pass around for consideration.

Mission: Activate the Archeotech
Choose or randomise a deployment map from those in the 40k rule book.

Mark the centre point of the board with an objective token and then place four more 6" away from the central objective so that no counter are within 6" of another counter. These are the power supplies for the Archeotech.

Place a piece of terrain within 6" of each corner of the board, the footprint of these pieces of terrain should be no larger than 3"x3". These are the power relays to the Archeotech.
Set up the rest of the terrain and forces as per the 40k rulebook 

An infantry unit may pick up an objective token by moving into base to base contact with it at any point during it's turn so long as another unit does not have possession of the objective token. Objective tokens are automatically lost if the unit in possession of it is forced to make a Fall Back move, lose a round of combat or choose to drop it after it moves in any phase. When an objective is lost it is placed 1" away from the unit that was carrying it. Objective tokens have the Extremely Bulky special rule. 

Victory conditions: Each player scores 3 victory points for each power relay they activate during the game. To do so a unit needs to move wholly into one of the power relay terrain pieces and discard an objective token. Each piece of terrain can only be powered once.

There are no secondary objectives in this game and you cannot lose the game by having your army wiped out, though if this happens your opponent has the remaining turns to move models to attempt to complete the mission objective.

I thought this might give an interesting challenge for players without being too complicated.

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