Sunday, 17 May 2015

Playing 40k.

Just a quick post to document my Sunday afternoon game of 40k to induct Alan back into the GW fold. He has Dark Angels so obviously gravitates towards Deathwing (why not?) so I took my Guard as my Blood Angels need models painted and it's always nice to play against a fully painted army.
Here is the terrain set up.

I really do love the roads!
As Alan's army only has three units of Terminators, Belial, a Chaplain and a Crusader the set up was pretty quick.
I thought I'd aim to take three of the objectives and just hope I could get my Plasma and Melta guns into position once the Terminators hit.
As usual Belial Appears behind me and proceeds to cause chaos in my lines.

The game went as it often does with large amounts of Terminators as Alan's dice were rolling beyond hot until turn four and so I had to feed him units whilst I wore him down eventual it came down to if the game ended turn five or later. Turn five and Alan took it 7-6 (damn First Blood!) but if I  could get one more turn I could get line breaker and hopefully not lose a Leman russ to a Multi melta. Luckily for me it went to seven turns and Alan left my Russ with one hull point! 10-7 to me but really felt like a draw!

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