Thursday, 28 May 2015

Playing lots of games!

Just a quick update on todays games played sadly I did the usual and forgot to take photos as the day went one. So what did Rob and I pay today?

First up I taught Rob how to play Battle Lore. We managed two games. First up Rob had to hold the river crossing whilst I just wanted to kill everything!
Here is the set up, as you can see there is a huge hill in the middle which I thought would help protect me from Rob's archers.
Turns out Rob is far better a t using the Halberd Knights than I have been in the past and they charged across to claim the objective on the right ad start Rob on the way to his total of 16 VPs to win.

Cunningly Rob pincered my Archers between his Cavalry meaning that any retreat results on his attacks were converted into damage, Yep, the Archers died.

End of the game - Rob 16 Me 7

Set up for game 2 Rob chose an objetive that required him to stop me getting near the buildings for him to score extra vPs and I needed to hold woods in multiples of three.

End of turn one, I've managed to steal a march on most of the objectives so am 2-1 up.

End of turn two and Rob's attempts to dislodge my units begin in earnest, but I can't shift his Archers on the objective at the top of the image in the centre lane. Rob 3 - Me 5

Quite a bit of back and forth begins as we swap places for objectives and Rob's Roc Warrior gets involved (that's the flying bird). Rob 4 - Me 8 
The end is nigh by this point Rob just couldn't kill or shift enough of my units to stop me drip feeding VPs. End score  16 - 9 to me.
We then played a reminder game of x-wing but due to my limited model count it was three ties against three Rebels and we all know how that sort of game ends.
After x-wing we played some Star Realms and I was really impressed with how quick it actually is even compared to the iPad version. Nice to see a game which still works despite the app!

Then we had a go at some Zombie 15' and we lost our first game and by a fair way as we were so screwed by the Zombies in the search deck we were resorting to fist punching Zombies! We tried again and it was the polar opposite we got through in 9 mins 51 seconds as the keys were in the first two searches (though it still had the usual scary moments as we ran for the exit!).

It was great to get out some of the games I haven't had a go at in a while and looking forward to the guys reports from the Games Expo tomorrow and Saturday!

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